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From dreams to reality - the story of Rawster

In The Beginning…
Long before social media was a house-hold name, people have been trying to bring their music and talents to the world in a variety of ways.

So what do you do if you can’t hold a tune, play an instrument or act your way out of a paper bag like me???? You take your passion and you become management, marketer and designer for other peoples’ talents!!!!! And that is exactly what I did. Starting back in the late 1990’s I helped my many musician friends with their logos, bio’s, photos and even websites. From there it was a natural progression into management and marketing for the next 10 years. Noticing the lack of resources available online for musicians/actors, a friend and I came up with the idea that we should create a place for bands to have a basic web presence to help market themselves. Between her marketing talent and my resources we decided to give it a try.

Creating a monster…
In 2005 we had developed the first business plan for what would later become Rawster. Focusing mainly on the music industry, we spent the first few years developing the plan and doing the research. Then came the actual designing of the site. This proved to be a very in-depth and time consuming task. Taking the vision in my head and trying to transfer that into computer code was proving to be a mighty large undertaking.

Seeing the light...
BUT, after many design revamps and with the improvements of technology today, we are finally closing in on the vision. By creating a social community where entertainers, venues, businesses and fans can co-exist and co-create through profiles, forums, community links and events, our dream of creating the largest online entertainment community is live.

The futures so bright…
Thanks to the help of some amazing people, and of course our amazing and talented clientele, we will continue to create, develop and broaden our horizons. At Rawster your success is our passion. We supply the means to help your dreams become a reality. So…


Brenda, Founder and President - Rawster