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We all listen to different types of music every day. It can influence our mood, our personalities, and our lives. It affects us the same way in movies, on television and in commercials. Even though you don’t listen to heavy metal music, many of your favorite movies or commercials are accompanied by background music from heavy metal artists. We accept this without question. We don’t plug our ears or leave the theatre because you don’t like the music.You’re going to make me listen to WHAT?????

Think back to your favorite movie. Timeless classics like Jaws and Psycho. Would they have been the same without the “someone’s going to die” scary music? What about TV shows like The Simpsons or The Dukes of Hazzard…..   the theme songs made the show instantly recognizable for you. Have you ever paid attention to the music playing on a commercial or the heart pounding beats of a car chase? How well would a new Mustang Fastback sell if the image of the car racing down the highway was accompanied by slow mellow elevator music???

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